Power supply systems

EXC is innovation technologies in energetics; optimal problem solving for facilities power supply; modeling and implementation of complex power systems; complete complex of quality service in construction and repair of energy facilities.

Power supply systems

EXC plants manufacturing mining electrical equipment implement basic idea of the group of companies – provide complex approach to power supply of mining facilities. Power supply equipment manufactured by EXC plants — КРУВ, КТСВП, КАППВ, КАВ — is designed for safe and convenient electric power supply to underground users.

About 3000 units of electric equipment manufactured by EXC are operating in Kuzbass, Vorkuta, Yakutia and other regions of Russia, in Kazakhstan and Vietnam. More than 1 600 units of complete switchgear devices of explosion-proof design (КРУВ-6М) manufactured by ЕХС supply electric power to dozens of Russian and foreign mines without any failure.

Electrical mining equipment plays a very important role in in mining industry, as the main technological equipment of mines and pits consume electric power.

Reliability of the power supply source is a necessary condition for operation of electric units for coal mines. Absence of failure-free power supply is fraught with down-time of manufacturing equipment, high costs and shutdown of devices providing safety of works and personnel lives – ventilation fans, gas-protection equipment, dewatering plants, transport systems, etc. That is why power supply diagrams provide for supply from several independent sources.