Ventilation systems

Like any project, construction of the main ventilation unit (MVU) starts with the design. Engineers of the holding make up constructional drawings of the building for the future MVU, plans of grounding, lighting and cabling, that means they primarily reconstruct MVU on paper.

At the facilities of EXC they manufacture metal constructions, cast concrete blocks and piles, study engineering design shop drawings and prepare specialized construction engineering. Assembly and adjustment of fans, tens of sensors and auxiliary devices, cabling – everything is done by the specialists of EXC Company.

Workers of EXC constructional ironworks manufacture module buildings for 10 kV distribution point and САУК-ВГП, workers of concrete products workshop prepare the foundation for these buildings, specialists of Novosibirsk Plant of Microprocessor Engineering EXC design schemes of distribution point of the power supply for fans and electrical air heaters, protection and automation systems.

Ventilation systems

One of the tasks of ventilation system of any industrial facility (coal mine particularly) is to maintain the required air temperature. Powerful electric calorific plant РОНЭ, manufactured by EXC Company, allows solving this problem.

Electric calorific plant of РОНЭ type is designed to heat the air supplied to the roadways of mines, pits and large working areas. РОНЭ unit allows smooth adjustment of the heating intensity by the switching of independent registers. Adjustment of temperature of heated air flow is carried out by the automation and control system.

ЕХС Company constructs the main ventilation unit at the mine named after S. M. Kirov (OJSC “SUEK-Kuzbass”). Building of MVU is erected here and fan of ВО-28/18АР type with capacity of 70-280 m3/s is installed inside.

This unit actually substitutes a boiler-house and produces warm air that goes into the mixing chamber via heat-conducting system and then into the mine. Building for furnaces is erected; coal supply and ash disposal overpasses are mounted.

Transformer substations ТП-6/0,4 kV with capacity of 2 х 1000 and 2 х 400 kVA will provide the air heating unit with electric power. Power units manufactured at EXC facilities are installed in special module buildings which are also manufactured at the facilities of the company.