Power supply systems

Besides underground equipment, EXC facilities successfully manufacture surface aggregates – distribution plants, transformer substations and electric calorific plants.

More than 100 units of equipment of general industrial design have been manufactured at the facilities of the company. EXC does not just manufacture equipment on order but adapts standard products to individual peculiarities of the object and provides the most suitable for each customer recommendations on construction or improvement of general schemes of electric power supply of the facilities.

Power supply systems

Construction of the first distribution points of КРУ10 cabinets of general industrial design showed the practicability and demand for the chosen work direction. Today distribution points of ЕХС based on КРУ6 and КРУ10 cabinets work at the facilities of Kuzbass and Khakasia; transformer substations in concrete and module fast-mountable buildings have been designed and manufactured; at some mines in Kemerovo region they use air heating units РОНЭ. In addition to standard design, КРУ10 compartments are manufactured in РН design (mining regular) for pits and mines non dangerous on gas and dust explosion.

Complete switchgear units КРУ are designed for:

  • distribution of electrical energy up to 10 kV voltage;
  • protection of out-going electric networks against emergency processes;
  • control over current collectors (via digital interfaces as well);
  • carrying out the functions of automatic devices within the distribution points.
  • КРУ cabinets have compact dimensions – compared to the existing analogues they are rather diminutive. Among great number of КРУ functions — electric energy supply to the main mine ventilation unit. Distribution points constructed of КРУ are placed in separate easily mounted module buildings.

Especially actual is usage of general industrial equipment ЕХС at coal mining facilities which are already equipped with КРУВ, КТСВП, КАВ and КАППВ manufactured by EXC. Surface products and explosion-proof products as well have common intellectual base (microcontroller units manufactured by the plant of microprocessor engineering) that allows the best information exchange and use of general automation systems without any additional interfacing.