Coal processing systems

EXC Company takes an active part in different market segments implementing complex approach into solution of different engineering problems. Company is engaged in construction of coal processing plants – from the design and coordination with customers to supply and erection of equipment.

One of such large-scale projects is a processing plant of 800t/h capacity at the mine named after Kirov (OJSC “SUEK-Kuzbass”). It is a high-capacity processing-transporting complex where many tasks are solved, such as coal warehousing, reception, preparation, processing and storage of final product and shipping to consumers. According to the general plan, more than 20 objects will be constructed on two large building sites of the mine.

Coal processing systems

Processing plants are constructed taking into account up-to-date coal processing methods which meet world quality standards; they are equipped with fully automated system of operational-dispatching control over all the industrial-engineering processes.

Closed water-slime cycle at the plant, absence of thermal drying and external hydraulic-engineering facilities make the plant an environment friendly factory.

Effective usage of coal of different ranks is possible during processing only. Special attention is paid to generation of fine wastes or wasteless method of coal processing with preparation and processing to use cleaning rejects as the secondary raw material for other industries.

Key tendencies in plants engineering:

  • construction of processing plants with depth of coal preparation to 0,0 mc, where processing method allows maximum concentrate getting into end product;
  • few-operational scheme of coking coal processing of almost any size in separators and jig washers with slime flotation;
  • closed water-slime cycle within the plant site territory using up-to-date pressure filters;
  • use of conveyors of any complexity, automation of coal loading processes
  • coal drying in boiling bed;
  • organization of construction of coal complexes in permafrost zone and zone of high seismicity;
  • implementation of the newest methods providing safety of mining.